Dynamics 365 Upgrade – Unable to add Notes to entity

I recently had an Organisation updated from Dynamics CRM 2016 Online Update 1 to Dynamics 365. After the upgrade, users experienced the following symptoms :

  • Unable to add new notes to custom entities and core entities via the notes control on the form.
  • Existing Notes created prior to the upgrade do show up ok however and can be edited.
  • This occurs on multiple entities, but not all. I didn’t see a pattern, but certainly on some contact records I could add new notes ok.


I raised this with Microsoft and it didn’t appear to be a known issue, so I decided to do some investigation myself.

First, up I did an export of the FormXML to see if there were any clues, but despite comparing the FormXML from a working Dynamics 365 environment and this broken one, I couldn’t see any specific issue.

Next, I wanted to play about some more without affecting live data, so I took a complete copy of the Dynamics 365 environment as a Sandbox Organisation. When I checked the copied organisation everything worked ok!

I figured it had to be something related to the notes or parent N-1 entity, so I created a solution with just the annotation (Notes) entity and the parent entity in it from the sandbox environment. Hey presto, when I imported it back into production and it fixed it.

So, root cause unknown for this one, but I’m assuming that something went wrong in the upgrade process that was subsequently fixed by re-importing the Notes entity from a good system. The Notes entity is not customizable so it’s unlikely that you will overwrite anything by doing this.

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